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Dr. Justin S. Hopkins uses his training in psychoanalytic therapy as a foundational approach for therapy, speaking, consultations, and everyday life. This perspective asserts that our subconscious shapes our daily reality, we can become more empowered, autonomous, and fulfilled when we are intentionally curious about ourselves and our surroundings, and humanity is deeply complex and worthy of understanding.

Dr. Hopkins is all about fostering connection across individuality and difference. He believes paradigms can shift and environments transformed when we learn about ourselves and each other

Dynamic Workshops and Keynotes

Dr. Hopkins is a sought-after speaker whose insightful, thought-provoking, and highly engaging delivery inspires guests to action and change.

He conducts keynote presentations and workshops for non-profits, businesses, and schools to support their efforts for workplace equality, inclusion, and wellness. He has covered topics like stress management, work-life balance, trauma, advocacy work, racial equality, and navigating difficult conversations.

Dr. Hopkins facilitates a challenging yet inviting learning experience where participants can explore difficult topics with enthusiasm and courage.

"Justice is what love looks like in public."

 - Cornell West

Corporate Consultation
Workplace Wellness, Diversity, and Inclusion

Dr. Hopkins provides mental health and diversity consultation for organizations and businesses. He has particular expertise with the legal community and has partnered with several AM100 law firms.

Dr. Hopkins advises executives on how to create a healthy workplace culture and resolve microaggressions and disagreements. He is different from most consultants in that he views organizations as a multilayered human system, with conscious and unconscious dimensions, while addressing the overt organizational issues such as leadership, structures, and conflict.


True to his process as a psychoanalytic psychologist, he addresses organizational dysfunction at its roots.

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