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“Some moments in the life of a person necessitate change if they are to be lived, not just survived.”  

 - Dana Birksted-Breen

Beginning Therapy Takes Courage

We don’t use the word “’courage” here lightly, or with the emptiness of a platitude.


It is anxiety-provoking to take an honest look at our lives, and face what is painful.


And yet, our life can be more fulfilling and whole when we assess it honestly, and feel what needs to be felt.


Courage is not the absence of discomfort or fear. But rather, it’s the willingness to do something worthwhile alongside it.


By starting therapy, you are choosing to value yourself enough to stretch and give yourself a chance to grow and heal. 


It’s called psychodynamic therapy.

It focuses on and investigates the subconscious roadmaps we’ve acquired from experience —the “blueprints” that direct us on how to live.

Whether or not we’re aware of it, our experience teaches us patterns of thought and behavior, which, over time, become unquestioned habits – our “autopilot.” These roadmaps operate in the background, shaping our reality in countless ways.

A good course of therapy allows us to learn about ourselves. It deepens our understanding of why we think, feel, or act why we do, and why we encounter certain outcomes in certain situations.


This knowledge can be liberating, as It allows us more choice on how we live, and who we are.

We'll be doing a particular kind of therapy together


As We Tell Our Patients...


We're not the kind of therapists that gives advice or tells you what to do. Advice is easy to give and often wrong. Everyone has an opinion!

But time and again, we’ve seen that what services people best and creates opportunities for them is greater access to and deeper understanding of the wisdom within.

Therapy is about moving beyond the surface to address the underlying issues that keep you from living a better life.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

 - Maya Angelou

Whether you’re in the darkest place of your life, feeling hopeless and lost, interested in improving your relationships, or working through issues with self-esteem, therapy is a fantastic place to work on yourself.


We will explore unresolved emotions, discuss problematic relationships, observe patterns across multiple areas of your life, and discover new pathways to fulfillment. ​

Therapy is a Place to Heal and Grow

If you’re ready to being the daring work of enhancing your life, contact us today. 

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